OHState Regulatory Agency for USTs: Ohio Department of Commerce, State Fire Marshal, Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR)
Regulated size: 110 gallons and larger
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State Plan Approval with EPA: none
Underground Storage Tank (UST) Regulations: Visit web site

Regulatory Agency for ASTs: Ohio Department of Commerce, State Fire Marshal Division, Code Enforcement Bureau
Regulated size: 60 gallons and larger
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Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Regulations: Visit web site

The regulatory agency that oversees underground petroleum storage tanks in Ohio is the BUSTR division of the State Fire Marshal; the Code Enforcement Bureau oversees exterior and interior aboveground petroleum storage tanks. If you are responsible for a standard emergency generator system, BUSTR will inspect everything related with the UST (overspill protection, overfill prevention, ATG). Conversely, if the main fuel storage tank is an AST, the Code Enforcement Bureau will inspect it as well as the interior fuel system (day tank, emergency vents, fire-link valves, fuel lines, fire rated generator fuel hoses). Ohio complicates its regulatory oversight by dividing petroleum storage tank responsibilities under two bureaus; however this can also increase your compliance exposure with two different agencies that will examine one fuel system.

Understanding the regulations and maintaining a compliant fuel system can be difficult and overwhelming. For assistance and a review of your fuel system to ensure you ready when an Inspector arrives, please Contact Us.