Employee safety is paramount at Matzak Inc., and should be an important factor in the decision process of choosing a contractor.

Our site safety policy requires head protection (hard hats), toe protection (steel toe boots), visual protection (high visible yellow vests) and eye protection (safety glasses) on 100% of our projects and service calls. We are committed to the education and training of all Technicians by equipping them with the personal protection equipment (PPE) needed, and knowledge that will bring them home safely every day.

At Matzak Inc., our safety program is extensive and an important part of any project. The program begins with quarterly safety meetings which review and discuss various relevant safety topics, and how they may affect each employee’s well being. Industry near-miss situations (provided by PEI) are discussed and analyzed so as to enable all of our Technicians with a better understanding of the importance of following safety protocol and procedures.

Site safety manuals are custom designed for each project to indicate and highlight particular dangers that may be encountered on the site. ‘Tool Box Talks’ are discussed each day with all employees prior to beginning work. This is an open discussion of the day’s activities and specific tasks that warrant additional thought, to remind everyone of the importance of following and adhering to safety protocol.

Employee performance and project efficiency are important at Matzak Inc., but will never supersede safety. We are a small company and consider our employees family. Safety is not an option; it is an integral part of who we are as a company.