If emergency or backup power is critical to your company, then a reliable generator system requires a dependable fuel system.

Day Tank and Pump Controls for diesel fuel systems.

There are several different models of day tank systems available on the market that can be purchased as a preassembled unit (prebuilt with tank/pumps/controls). These units can have one or two (as a redundant) diesel fuel supply pumps, a diesel fuel return pump (for day tank systems that are at a lower elevation than the main diesel fuel tank), and are often mounted on top of the day tank with a control panel. The control panel will alert the operator of low fuel levels, high fuel levels, and basic operational condition.

As these systems all can serve the purpose of supplying a close source of diesel fuel and be economic to purchase, sometimes the need for backup power is so important a custom built day tank system is required. With a custom built system, the controls and pumps are not built on top of the day tank, and can often be an easier system to maintain. Pressure gauges, electrical valve bypasses, hand pumps, and filters can be added to create a more reliable diesel fuel source.

Whether you prefer the preassembled day tank systems, or prefer a solid built custom configuration, we will provide you with the information and options available to best suit your back-up power needs. After a professional and compliant installation, Matzak Technicians will provide system training and optional service and maintenance for the new day tank system.

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To request an evaluation on a current day tank system or to discuss available options on a new system, please Contact Us.