Companies with a large vehicle fleet or municipalities that require the convenience and importance of a private fueling system will often install a storage tank with dispensers for private use.

fleet fueling system in Michigan, Ohio and Indianan

The benefits of having private fleet fueling are numerous and include: buying fuel at wholesale prices, diminishing downtime for drivers while waiting at retail gas stations, eliminating downtime for drivers by fueling vehicles between shifts, and the reliability of having a fuel source that is available 24/7/365.

Fleet fueling systems can be designed and built according to particular needs, budget, and desires. With all the changing regulations affecting the underground storage tank (UST) industry, some prefer to create a fleet fueling system with an aboveground storage tank (AST). If adequate space exists and local jurisdictions allow, this can be a favorable option.

Controlling fuel dispensing to prevent unauthorized personnel from using the system is achieved by a fuel management system (FMS). Most systems provide dispensing authorization to the driver, manages the fuel consumption and other related transactional data, and communicates with most automatic tank gauges (ATG). Some companies will only provide options to those fuel management systems in which they distribute, thus limiting options. Matzak can provide pricing and install any system you choose, without limitations.

Is your company considering the benefits of having a private diesel fuel or gasoline pump at your facility? With compartmentalized tanks, it is possible to store both diesel fuel and gasoline in the same tank, providing the convenience of fueling both types of vehicles/equipment with one system. We can design and build a complete system that fits your needs and within your budget.

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