Due to the age and condition of older fuel systems, or even improper installation or lack of maintenance upkeep, petroleum releases into the environment can be a costly mistake.

Petroleum Environmental Remediation Cleanup

To prevent releases, ensure the tank storage system is installed according to manufacturer’s recommendations, and by certified and licensed Technicians. After installation, maintain the system with periodic inspections and a maintenance routine that will keep it operating as designed, preventing petroleum release and soil or groundwater contamination. If the system has failed and petroleum has escaped into the environment, it is important to address the situation immediately.

Depending on the extent of the release, ground water and soil conditions, site layout, building and utility locations, the clean-up process and cost can vary. It is essential to retain an experienced environmental professional to guide you through options and provide reporting to the state agency. In situ remediation programs can be very expensive and take years to correct the situation. Often times, removal and disposal of the contaminated soil or groundwater is the fastest and most economical way to handle a petroleum leak.

Working in conjunction with your assigned environmental consultant, or we can provide those services for a turn-key project, Matzak can clean up the petroleum impacted soil and water, dispose of it properly, and provide complete site restoration services. Please Contact Us for more information.